Steps to help you succeed with Young Living.
  Be the leader you are looking for. When you want it bad enough you will find a way.
2. Sign up for your Marketing Scents site. This is what you will send people to to sign up after the product guide introduction. There is wonderful training and a great autoresponder to follow up with people. I would encourage you to go through the autoresponsder messages in your system because you will learn so much great information. When you have three people who you sponsor get their own Marketing Scents system then yours is free. Ask your sponsor for their link to signup. If I have sponsored you then here is the link to signup.

3. Required reading! Read these books as soon as you can. So much of success has to do with how you think and these are some of the very best - The magic of thinking big by David Schwartz, The magic of believing by Claude Bristol, How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Then make sure that each month you read at least one good book. Here are some of the books that have helped me the most -
​Here is a great short book to read online. Click Here
Here is another great short book. Click Here
Great to listen to on how to build your business. Click Here

4. Make sure to set up your Essential Rewards order. You can choose the date each month that you want your order processed on and you can choose the items that you want delivered right to your door. This is the second step to achieving success with Young Living.

With being part of the Essential Rewards Autoship program each month you will get  product points. For months 1-3 this is 10% of your order each month, months 4-24 you will receive 20% product points and starting in your 25th month 25%! After being on Essential Rewards for two months you can trade in these product points for products of your choice. It's like getting products for free! You won't find a more generous company than Young Living. You can save up your points but you need to use them within a years time of when you receive them. You can use up to 350 points in any given month. 
For becoming part of the Essential Rewards Autoship Program you will receive: 
* Free product with the product points 
* Reduction on shipping costs if you choose FedEx Ground for shipping
* Autoship member only specials which include product specials every month

You also will receive gifts at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and an exclusive essential oil blend called Loyalty at 12 months!

Your product points can be redeemed in your virtual office or you can click on live help in your virtual office to place your order or you can call Customer Service at 1-800-371-3515 and tell the Customer Service Representative that you want to use your Essential Rewards points. 
5. Important information for you:
Customer service for Young Living can be reached by calling 1-800-371-3515 or you can e-mail them at:
You can also go to your virtual office with Young Living and click on Live Help when this is available to chat with a customer service representative online. 

If you have a question about any of the products you can e-mail:

6. To share the message of Young Living there are lots of great tools. You may want to try different ones to see which you like working with. You aren't looking to convince you are simply sharing consistently and persistently and offering others a gift that can change their lives for those who see it. Here are some good sites that have marketing tools.
Oil Revolution Designs - Click Here
​Abundant Health - Click Here
Life Science Publishing - Click Here
The Essential Tools - Click Here
7. The third step of success with Young Living is to simply share with others. Use your imagination. It can be as simple as sharing a brochure with someone and letting them know they need to take a look at the information because it can really benefit them. Get back to them and find out what they liked best. You can also have a Young Living party featuring one of the product lines - essential oils, personal care, Thieves, Ningxia Red and Ningxia Nitro, Pets, or our Slique products.
Be sure to contact me if you have any questions. I am here to support you on your way to success. We are so lucky to be able to be involved with a company like Young Living. Nothing else compares. There is not even a close second. Don't let anyone steal your dreams!

Barb Doyle - 1-636-227-6698
8. Two of the very best reference books are The Essential Oils Desk Reference and the Reference Guide For Essential Oils which is by Connie and Alan Higley.  These books are invaluable and the information in them is priceless. They are loaded with lots of very useful information. They go into detail about each of the oils, supplements, and personal care products. I highly encourage you to read a couple of pages of these every day. It will help you learn so much and you will see why no other wellness products come close to ours. You can order these books at:
12. Here is some good information that might be helpful to you.  

Inspirational quotes - Click Here

Articles to help you to be the best you can be - Click Here
9. Visit the training site every day. Go through a step a day. You have to become better if you want your business to be better. Visit:
14. Be sure to rent or buy these movies. They are wonderful. They will inspire you, motivate you and give you hope.

It's a Wonderful Life                    The Mighty Macs
Pay It Forward                             Sea Biscuit
Invincible                                     Pursuit of Happiness                      
Facing the Giants                         Amazing Grace
10. Get Connected! Find out what Young Living events are in your area. You can go to the corporate site: and up at the top click on Corporate and then click on events. When you get to the events page then on the left click on all events and scroll through them. Check this once a month. Also you can do a search for your area at the sites and

Invite others to go with you so they can find out. They will come and then they will join!
13. Be sure to visit the Young Living Product Blog and Gary Young's Blog every week. There is a lot of great information. Simply click on the below links.

Young Living Blog
Gary Young's Blog
Add this page to your favorites.

1. Make sure that you have gone through the information in your Starter Kit
When you get your starter kit be sure to go through the information in it thoroughly. There will be a wealth of great information in it for you to help you get started. Also take out all the products and start using them. They won't do you any good just sitting in the box. 

Really Important! Click on the links below for "Think inside the box" and "Affirmations". Print these out and be sure to read them.
15. A really good way to start the day or to uplift your spirits if you get down during the day is by listening to inspirational or uplifting music. It can really help to change your mind for the better quickly. You can search on Youtube and listen at any time. Here are some of my favorites.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'                                   Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up
R. Kelly - The World's Greatest...                              Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
Rascal Flatts - Stand                                                   Bon_Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer
Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop...                             Van Halen - Dreams
Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire                  The Eagles - Get Over It
Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything                             Michael W. Smith - Above All
Bill Withers - Lovely Day                                          Celine Dion - That's The Way It Is
Earth Wind and Fire - September                               Casting Crowns - Voice Of Truth
Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through hell         Smashmouth - Allstar
Katy Perry - Firework                                                Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath
Bon Jovi - Its My Life                                               Toby Mac - Lose My Soul
Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop                                     Matthew West - Hello My Name Is
16. Here are some good Facebook pages to follow:

My sponsor has set up a Facebook group. Send a request to join. It is YL Abundant Life Team. Here is the link.

This is another great Facebook group. Request to be added.

11. Online calls to listen to.
​Listen to the Young Living podcasts. Click Here
Our Simple Steps To Success
Congratulations you are now part of the FLM movement! Just as a reminder FLM stands for:
Feel fantastic
Look younger
Make money
Who doesn't want all three of these?! By joining us you are on your way.
Be sure to set up your Essential Rewards order for at least 100 PV and massively share. Be sure to read the Transformational Living E-book. 
Weekly Attitude Boost!
Changed every Monday.
Monthly Product Call
A search engine specific to Young Living information! Put in a term and lots of great information will come up. Really cool. Click Here
Our exciting and awesome compensation plan explained.
Make sure that you have Young Living Product Guides. You can order them through Young Living. Sharing with someone face to face simply go through the product guide. You can flip through it, read off of the pages and the other person will simply be following along. You can also do this with more than one person at a time, each of them having their own product guide. You can also share this audio which is simply going through the product guide. You can share this with those you know through an e-mail. Then send them to your Marketing Scents site to sign up with a Premium Starter Kit. When doing this face to face after they have signed up through your Marketing Scents site then give them a few product guides for them to repeat this to get off to a fast start. When a new person shares with just three people who get started like this their initial order is paid for with the check they will be receiving from Young Living the very next month. Simple right?! Here is the recorded Product Guide Introduction. Click Here
​Here is how to get the most out of the FLM movement.
Feel Fantastic
You want to be using our fantastic supplements. The minimum would be Ningxia Red and Master Formula every day. Other products I highly recommend are OmegaGize, Life 9, Essentialzymes-4, and Sulfurzyme. Use a couple of drops at least a couple of times a day of each of the oils in your Everyday Oils Kit. You have to put the right fuel into your body to feel fantastic.

Look Younger
I use most all of our fantastic skin care products and just rotate them. The minimum is to use the ART skin care system. It is the very best and you will notice improvements day by day.

Make Money
We have a simple message to share with the world so that everyone can FLM. Simply ask others if they would like to feel fantastic, look younger, and make money. When they say "yes" you can go through the product guide with them or give them your website to take a look at. It doesn't get any easier than that. 

There are no limits to how fantastic you can feel and how much money you can make! 
Here is the link to our virtual product guide. Click Here
Make sure to listen to this rare Gary Young audio.